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Our goals

Simply taking raw materials, consuming them and throwing them away - this form of economic activity is proving to be unsustainable and does not do justice to efforts to preserve a planet worth living on.


A rethink is necessary and the solution is Circular Economy. The circular economy is becoming the new global guiding principle for companies. A new and innovative look at old structures is becoming more and more relevant. reo is your partner to rethink your packaging and make it fit for the new circular economy.


We as a society, companies and consumers have to learn to recognize the value of resources again. By making them measurable, awareness is created and closed loops are made possible. And this is exactly what we at reo have made our business! We turn your packaging or product into an asset!


 By using innovative IoT chip technologies, we enable a differentiated and transparent view of your processes. This opens up diverse and individual opportunities to gain information and insights along the product cycle. In addition to enabling closed-loop usage, we make it possible to generate a lot of additional, individual information and create even greater added value for your company.

Considering the end in everything you do, that's sustainability.
Eric Schweitzer, ALBA-Chef

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