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reo for smart reuse!

We are enthusiastic and dedicated to sustainable and smart circular solutions and fight against plastic waste and linear raw material usage! reo is your partner to find your perfect circular packaging solution!

IoT chip technology turns your packaging into an asset, and a circular source of information.

The modular reo platform enables individual and resource-saving closed-loop solutions and connects existing infrastructures.

We make processes visible and measurable for you. Learn more about your customer, your supply chain or your ecological footprint.

The future is circular

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From waste to data


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What does reo offer?






Every product and every packaging has its own special features - and each has its own individual opportunity to become a circular product. After a detailed process analysis, we develop the optimal circular packaging solution for your product. We take care of the development, the right chip technology, logistics, cleaning, inspection and provision of your circular packaging. The WITHOUTme refill concept at the POS is also part of our portfolio.


By using different IoT technologies, we are able to generate individual information along the product and packaging cycle. This is how we take your process analysis to a new level. For your consumers, we offer a consumer app plugin that allows them to track their ecological footprint, receive benefits and bonus points, and build a close brand relationship with a direct channel for information and tips.

Our reo platform creates transparency for you and your customers and becomes the interface between you, your service providers and your consumers. Become part of the cycle and actively shape a valuable future with your product!

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Smart packaging

"Packaging" describes the wrapping of a material or good. All products available for purchase or used in the value chain are at some point packaged in plastic, cardboard, paper, wood, sheet metal, glass or a composite material. Packaging is used to protect and transport goods, but it is also an important marketing tool at the POS. The current reality is the linear use of disposable packaging, which leads to huge mountains of trash and waste of resources. 527 kg of waste was produced by each person worldwide on average in 2022. The higher the standard of living, the higher the amount of waste. The circular economy approach aims to change that. The solution: circular instead of linear. Reusable packaging is more resource-efficient, generates less waste, and the carbon footprint decreases with each circulation compared to single-use packaging. The advantages for the environment are therefore obvious. In addition to the ecological benefits, reusable packaging also brings economic advantages. But how can the transformation succeed? This is where roe comes in. We support your company and your brand to develop and implement a customized, sustainable and smart reusable concept for your products. Together with you, we develop your individual circular solution.

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